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  • March 2020
  • Hello visitor,

    Wokule is save – for now.
    The home of our music network and community place was preserved at last. Wokule’s non-profit purchased the grounds on November 12th, 2019. This was made possible to a good part by thousands of supporters.

    You may still help Wokule to bear the significant costs, however.
    Please see the Wokule website ( English ) for options.

    Visiting musicians since 2003 have contributed to 7 hours of radio, aired on October 18th, 2019, 16-22h on Berlin’s great Cashmere Radio (thank you!).

    There is a new community-radio from Leipzig biesentales is taking part in, this time even with lectures of real biesen-fairy-tales.
    check shows on Sphere Radio

    Take a peek at our regular radio shows, too.

    Next camp concert


    Latest camp releases

    Biesentales 009 – Comunser

    Biesentales 008 – Ways Out of Eternal Christmas

    Biesentales #007 – Bild, ohne Baum
    Recordings from IXELON are available digital and on music cassette.

    Biesentales #006 – Combat for Tiger Chicken
    Contact Field Orchestra & Air Cushion Finish aka ACFO
    available digital and on C40 music cassette.